The educational

ARBOR&SENS SCHOOL in Paris Faidherbe applies the pedagogical principles of Maria Montessori which are based on high quality didactic material, a mix of ages of children, an individualized monitoring and a specific organization.
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ARBOR&SENS School in Faidherbe has settled
into a green space of 240 sqm on the ground floor.

The School by Arbor&Sens.


A kindergarten
& a primary school

until the 2nd grade
from 3 to 6 years old

A bilingual

Both English and French
speaking teacher
in each classroom

A solitary
private school

Tuition fees adapted
to parents’ income

The main objectives

These objectives are focused on the acquisition
of classical fundamental learnings but also on :

Awareness of respect for the environment

An entry into the world of abstraction based on sensory learnings

Development of both autonomy and self-confidence

Learning to manage emotions and conflict for a harmonious development of emotional intelligence

Creativity and sensitivity to the arts in all their aspects

Learning to live together

These objectives will enable each child to acquire a foundation of knowledge and skills particularly useful to meet the major challenges of tomorrow’s world.


The school has opened in September 2018 with one bilingual classe for children from 3 to 6 holding 8 children.
In September 2019, the school will welcome more children.
The school will grow over 3 years with more children.

It will be at full capacity at the beginning of the school year 2020
when it will welcome about 20 children .


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday :
8h30 - 16h00
The reception of children
is from 8h30 to 8h45.

A solidary
and participative

The Paris-Faidherbe school aims to offer the Montessori pedagogy to the greatest number of people. As a result, the monthly tuition fees vary depending on the parents’ income from 90 to 950 euros., sometimes supported by a solidarity grant for families in need.

What is
a participative school?

ARBOR&SENS is participative. Parents participate in the school life with a view of co-educaion. This participation also makes it possible to limit the operating costs of the school and thus make the school affordable for more parents.